Alexander Nachman, Cannabis Industry Advocate, Launches New Website and Informational Webinar

Alexander Nachman of First Harvest Financial Releases New Information Articles and Videos on Investing in the Cannabis Industry via

​​Alexander Nachman, Senior Advocate at First Harvest Financial, is a visionary entrepreneur and avid supporter of marijuana legalization in a constantly evolving cannabis industry. Nachman recently launched his own website and webinar to broadcast his message and make his industry insights available to a wider audience.

On the newly launched, those interested in the cannabis industry’s potential for growth and investment will find videos and news articles, created to inform and empower other industry advocates and those looking to learn more about the investment potential in the cannabis industry. In addition to the important industry media content, Nachman also provides information on his background as a Wall Street veteran and financial advisor and discusses his role as Senior Advocate at First Harvest Financial.

"Alexander is knowledgeable and professional as he keeps himself current with the cannabis industry. I feel secure as a result of working with Alex and highly recommend his services. He is a leading advocate in the legal cannabis movement."

Dr. Gregory L. Smith, Founder, Medical Cannabis For Health Care Providers

With over 15 years experience as a financial adviser on Wall Street, Nachman brought his knowledge and experience in the field to First Harvest Financial. First Harvest, a private equity fund manager for accredited investors in the cannabis industry, offers Nachman the opportunity to provide qualified participants access to investment opportunities in the cannabis industry’s ancillary services sector. Most importantly, at First Harvest Financial, Nachman is able to get clients involved in supporting the hundreds of thousands of patients who would benefit from the widespread legalization of marijuana in the US.

Nachman’s informational webinar is the star of his new website. Despite the negative stereotypes surrounding marijuana in the past, Nachman emphasizes that in today’s market, marijuana means money. Experienced in the financial industry, Nachman believes that marijuana will follow the same product adoption cycle as every other emerging growth product.

The webinar provides information on the current state of the industry and the legalization progress Nachman expects to be made in the near future. Marijuana is already legalized in 24 states and the District of Columbia, and another 11 states are expected to vote on legalization this election year. With this type of growth, the industry is generating impressive revenue and was recognized by Forbes as the fastest growing industry in the US. In his webinar, Nachman draws attention to the target sectors for investment as the industry continues growing, which include: BioPharma, lab testing, social media and gaming, finance and insurance, security, abstracts and oils, edibles and infused products, delivery systems, software and high technology, cultivation solutions, and hemp production.

Nachman acknowledges that the plant should be legalized with input from cultural, economic, and industrial standpoints. He emphasizes that with the proper structure, marijuana can be a revolutionary tool for investors, businesses, and most importantly, medical patients seeking natural treatment options.

Also featured on Nachman’s website is his latest thesis “The Politics of Pot, Why is Cannabis So Controversial?” In the insightful and educational article, Nachman delves into the federal government’s stance on marijuana legalization, discussing marijuana’s Schedule I status and the implications this categorization has had on the industry. Nachman’s comments shed light on the powerful scientific research on marijuana conducted thus far, especially in the medical field. “However, in stark contrast to the opinion of the federal government, a vast amount of scientific and anecdotal evidence builds daily as doctors, researchers, and patients nationally and internationally continue to report their findings that indeed marijuana is medicine,” Nachman states in “The Politics of Pot, Why is Cannabis So Controversial?”

Trusted and celebrated, Nachman’s ideas on the potential for growth within the marijuana industry has been featured by CBS, Fox News, NBC, The Miami Herald, and other national news outlets. Dr. Gregory L. Smith - Founder, Medical Cannabis For Health Care Providers said, "Alexander is knowledgeable and professional as he keeps himself current with the cannabis industry. I feel secure as a result of working with Alex and highly recommend his services. He is a leading advocate in the legal cannabis movement."

Both professionally and personally, Nachman exemplifies First Harvest Financials’ mission to bring visionary entrepreneurs, like himself, and advocates together in one space to help propel the industry’s progress to new heights. Although his focus at First Harvest Financial is centered on the medical cannabis sector, Nachman sees the potential for tremendous growth throughout the entire cannabis industry. While Nachman is passionate about his work in the investment aspect of the cannabis industry, he is equally as passionate about inspiring others to learn more about the growing industry and get involved in America’s green revolution. 

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About Alexander Nachman:
Mr. Nachman is a 15 year Wall Street Veteran Working originally as a Financial adviser and later in international corporate communication and investor relations. Mr. Nachman believes firmly that all forms or Cannabis should be legalized for the greater good of the country, citing reasons that start with the medical uses of the plant and extend through to the economy, the revitalization of american industry and job creation, as well as for civil and human rights reasons. Mr. Nachman enthusiastically enjoys advocating and educating others in an effort to showcase the need for a more reasonable approach to cannabis by our leaders nationwide. For more information, please visit:

About First Harvest Financial:
First Harvest Financial, Inc. works directly with those professionals looking to strategically enter and capitalize on growing and creating therapeutic, cannabis-based solutions in today's marketplace. The firm provides a platform for legal cannabis startups to interact with corporate executives, serial entrepreneurs, and technology accelerators. For more information, please visit:

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