Alla Broeksmit's Art Exhibition, Carnage, Released a Video to Commemorate Her Recent NYC Exhibition at the New York Studio School

​On April 1, 2016 artist Alla Broeksmit displayed Carnage, her most recent exhibition, at the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture. Carnage is a representation of the modern socio-cultural experience, informed by Broeksmit’s own emotional experience of the world. Brought to life through a variety of textures, materials, and creative techniques, the works displayed at the exhibition’s showing wowed artists and art enthusiasts alike. A video was recently released to pay tribute to the show and exhibition’s success.

Carnage, comprised of paintings, drawings, and sculptures, is representative of Broeksmit’s unique style as an emerging artist. In creating Carnage, Broeksmit drew from a pool of references found in her own personal life, in poetry and art history.  Utilizing vast and complex mediums, between paint and plaster, the figure is revealed through the process. She experimented with spatial relationships and the formal aspects of depth and color. Minding the intimacy of her palette and subject matter, she fused figuration with abstraction. The inter-media sculptural works allowed her to explore parts of her own body utilizing aspects of gestural abstraction. This new series is a reflection on a chaotic environment; forms are intertwined, combining a rough surface with soft and pastel colors.

"The emergence of a vital vision of a new artist is always appealing and always special. Alla is emerging with vibrant color, space and imagery combined with wit and seriousness."

Graham Nickson, Dean of NYSS

The artist released a video to commemorate the successful showing of her latest work. The video features the bustle of the city that inspires her work and The New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture, where Broeksmit works on her craft. See in the video glimpses of many of the pieces Broeksmit revealed in her exhibition, and the fellow artists and art enthusiasts who were impressed by the display. The video is both elegant and lively, capturing the essence of the artist herself and the emotion she pours into her work.

Following the exhibition, Broeksmit announced her intentions to donate a portion of the proceeds from Carnage. The proceeds from her latest show will be donated to the Broeksmit Family Foundation, Inc. and disbursed to charities of the family’s choosing.

The Broeksmit Family Foundation, Inc. is a private foundation based in New York and founded by the artist’s family. Beginning in 2003, William Shaw Broeksmit ran the foundation, overseeing its operations and many charitable donations.

As an emerging artist, Broeksmit exudes passion and dedication to the field by contributing her time and expertise to various art-related organizations around the globe. In London, along with her involvement with the the National Portrait Gallery and the Tate Museum, A. Broeksmit is one of the founding members of The Lots Road Group, an association of portrait painters. In New York, she is affiliated with the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Art Table.

Most recently, Her work was shown at the occasion of the International Women’s Forum in the United Kingdom. Her work has been shown, and are held in private collections, in the UK and internationally.

A. Broeksmit is currently enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts Program in painting at the New York Studio School, studying under the direction of artist and dean of the school, Graham Nickson. “The emergence of a vital vision of a new artist is always appealing and always special. Alla is emerging with vibrant color, space and imagery combined with wit and seriousness,” Nickson said.

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Alla Broeksmit creates colorful paintings that are concerned with portraying the figure in bold and rich colors. It’s ongoing exploration of different materials and mediums has - most recently - been revealed into sculptures and layered monotypes. These new pieces are breaking the space of the canvas while holding on to the intimacy of her painting practice.

Source: ArtAlla Studio


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