Dervech Real Estate Launches Its First Commercial Real Estate Educational Podcast, 'Live With Jeff'

Live with Jeff

Live from the 2018 Tampa ICSC West Florida Idea Exchange, Jeff Dervech, founder of Dervech Real Estate, Inc. launched the company's first podcast channel called "Live with Jeff." In this first episode titled "Episode 101," Dervech discussed relevant topics in regards to the legal aspects of Commercial Real Estate with Eric Adams and Adam Woodruff of Shutts & Bowen, LLP.

Jeff Dervech with Dervech Real Estate, Inc. released a live podcast from the 2018 Tampa ICSC West Florida Idea Exchange. In the first episode 101, Dervech along with Eric Adams and Adam Woodruff of Shutts & Bowen, LLP discussed the legal world of commercial real estate and the unique environment that’s beginning to emerge.

Retailers everywhere are beginning to expand, contract, or go out of business entirely. In the live podcast, Jeff, Eric, and Adam talked about the downsizing of grocers and the Winn Dixie situation. The three businessmen maintained a cautiously optimistic view of Winn Dixie’s looming bankruptcy, as they recalled Winn Dixie’s past success at navigating through troubled waters.

The three also discussed the landlord’s market and new demands landlords have been able to impose on tenants, such as the kick out clause. Such power for landlords wouldn’t have seemed possible five years ago. This knockout clause allows the landlord to terminate all lease obligations after a few years. These issues were just a few of commercial real estate concerns brought up during the podcast.

This exciting podcast episode featuring Eric and Adam, gain listeners interest by talking about current commercial real estate issues throughout the Southeast and together bring different perspectives to light and have something to offer to all listeners interested in commercial real estate; not just those with a lot of experience. They were able to do all this while being humorous and engaging each other as well as the audience.

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