Documentary Reveals the Life of Bryson Morris

The management team behind hip-hop artist Bryson Morris releases a mini documentary about the musician, highlighting his recent success, musical ambitions, and plans for the future.

​You may or may not have already heard of him, but his voice is about to speak louder than ever. The boy sporting the glistening, diamond earrings and designer belt is none other than Bryson Morris, the individual behind the hip-hop single #LOUISGUCCI.

The hit song, which boasts a music video that has gone viral since its release in September 2016, is only one of the many achievements the 14-year-old has made during his career in the music industry. He started out recording rap songs in his bedroom. Now, he has full access to a professional studio and a solid team that stands firmly behind him.

"That's just me," Bryson replied when asked what it's like to be able to seamlessly shift from a mellow, relaxed state of mind to charged up and ready to perform. "I can't really tell you how it feels, because it just happens."

Bryson Morris , Artist

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Currently, the artist is working on bringing new content to his fans. Bryson Morris’ lifestyle and priorities differ greatly from that of his peers; he is constantly working to advance his presence in the hip-hop space. The majority of his evenings are spent in the confines of a recording studio with his producer, where he lets his creative energy flow well into the early hours of the next morning.

Popular Youtube personality LoveLiveServe has created buzz about Bryson Morris through his reaction video response to the music video for #LOUISGUCCI. While unsure of what to expect as the video started, the YouTuber quickly praised both the production quality and the lyricism.

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He lives a life other teenagers dream about: business meetings to discuss his finances, constant positive Internet feedback for his work, and music video shoots are just a few of the luxuries he enjoys. However, they are all a direct result of his perseverance.

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Bryson Morris brings a unique level of energy to each project he is involved with. From the moment he walks into the studio, he remains completely focused and determined to do whatever he possibly can to bring his talent to the next level. For Bryson, success is not just a possibility, it is a guarantee; and he will continue to strive forward until it is within his grasp.

“That’s just me,” Bryson replied when asked what it’s like to be able to seamlessly shift from a mellow, relaxed state of mind to charged up and ready to perform. “I can’t really tell you how it feels, because it just happens.”

Behind Bryson Morris every step of the way is his team, who has recognized his potential and works just as tirelessly as he does to make sure his dreams are transformed into reality. His team includes professionals of all types to ensure that every part of his career is accounted for.

“You name it, we got it.”

While his team offers him unwavering support, Bryson Morris’ success would not be possible without the drive and talent he possesses.

Sam Rosen, a freelance journalist for, discovered Bryson Morris on his own through the #LOUISGUCCI music video and decided to cover his recent accomplishments. With each passing day, Bryson’s exposure accumulates.

When asked how his style and career are different than those of other artists, Morris replied that simply listening to his music is the best way to answer that question.

With his ambitions stronger than ever, Bryson Morris proclaims that 2017 will be his year. The artist has a plan to release new, groundbreaking content that will not only appease his existing fan base, but draw in more fans, as well.

Bryson Morris, with a confident grin, leaves viewers with one message about his upcoming career:

“Watch out, and stay tuned. Let’s go.”

About Bryson Morris
Viral sensation, Bryson Morris began his career at an early age. Bryson became a budding Internet sensation, with a large following of fans discovering his sound through several social media platforms.  In the 7th grade one of his debut videos reached 28 million views, establishing him as the next young hip-hop sensation! Bryson Morris brings uniqueness to the music industry. Nobody in the market has a sound like Bryson Morris, as he is pioneering a new “off the path” sound that is different from what you hear today! Bryson is currently mixing a variety of new music in the studio to inspire and bring hope to his fans. For more on Bryson Morris and to check out his latest music, visit

Source: Bryson Morris' Team