Gateway VIP Services Announces It Is an Accredited Agent With International Air Transport Association (IATA)

International Travel and Airport Meet and Greet, Gateway VIP Services, has strategically aligned with International Air Transport Association (IATA) to join in the mission to represent, lead, and serve the airline industry as an accredited IATA agent.

International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) vision is to be the force for value, creation, and innovation driving a secure and profitable air transport industry that connects and deeply enriches the world. Gateway VIP Services is now proudly in connection with IATA services as an accredited IATA agent.

This exciting alliance contributes greatly to the travel industry and both companies contribution in the evolution of air transport travel.

"Being accredited with IATA brings Gateway VIP Services to the next level in aviation and the travel industry."

Michael Cano , president of Gateway VIP Services

IATA strategic partnership program offers agencies a platform to participate and build relationships between agents, airlines, and other industry principals. IATA requirements are high and those in affiliation meet specific industry standards and financial criteria.

“Being accredited with IATA brings Gateway VIP Services to the next level in aviation and the travel industry,” said Michael Cano, president of Gateway VIP Services.

The program’s products and services reinvent travel and simplify the business-to-business relationships in order to enhance travel to its consumers. Consumers can be reassured that business affiliates of IATA are up-to-date with the latest travel regulations and can have confidence in IATA applicant processes and standards.

IATA was founded in Havana, Cuba in April 1945. IATA has 54 offices in 52 countries, with its headquarters in Canada. Gateway VIP Services is amongst the top accredited agencies associated with IATA.

In addition, predictions for fast travel are in the near future! IATA’s fast travel program addresses traveler’s demands and requests for more airport offerings with the end goal of a fast travel journey with less stress. Gateway VIP Services fits with the mission for convenient airport travel and special requests. At the click of a button traveling can be simple, convenient and luxurious; the future for air travel looks promising!

ABOUT Gateway VIP Services

Gateway VIP Services' provides worldwide personalized airport arrival, departure, and connection assistance. Gateway VIP Services is a market leader in this specialized field within the travel industry and has 25 years history of dedicated clientele.

Services Include: Worldwide airport meet and greet services, fast track services, and global traveler assistance. Our 5-star services also include: assistance with transportation and hotel accommodations, as requested.

Gateway VIP Services provides high-quality, personalized meet and greet services to celebrities, corporations, and any individual traveler needing our services. Our customer surveys reveal high customer satisfaction and customer experience ratings given by all our representatives. 

Gateway VIP Services' professional staff from reservation agents, airline representatives, to greeters take an active role in staying up-to-date in the latest travel industry insights. With an ongoing focus on quality, customer experience, Gateway ensures each and every customer an efficient and thorough experience.

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