iBoss Advertising Founders Announce Their New Tech Startup Consulting Firm, iBoss Ventures

iBoss Advertising's founders announce their new strategic holding and consulting firm, iBoss Ventures.

iBoss Advertising is a Tampa-based, full service digital marketing agency founded by Hugo D. Aviles and Dana Blickensderfer. The two have recently announced the launch of their new company, iBoss Ventures—a strategic holding and consulting firm with a focus on cultivating the tech, media, gaming, information, and entertainment industries.

Through their digital media firm, private equity and venture capital consulting channels, Aviles and Blickensderfer have used their technology and business backgrounds to forge relationships with leaders and respected entrepreneurs in the tech, media, gaming, information, and entertaining spaces, and have also helped guide emerging entrepreneurs to success. This experience combined with an expanding network and wealth of knowledge prompted the iBoss Advertising founders to launch a new company to assist the creation of new ventures.

iBoss Ventures’ experienced team of early stage investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers cultivate in the development process of new venture creation. iBoss Ventures offers incubator and accelerator programs for those that may qualify. The iBoss Ventures incubator program offers start-ups and early-stage companies opportunities to receive mentorship and guidance from a qualified advisory board in marketing and business services. The startup incubator program includes: financial assessment, business plan development, strategic market analysis and research, training, educational/networking opportunity, etc.

The firm’s venture accelerator program offers new businesses a more in-depth mentorship program. A new business is equipped with the proper branding assets, business management, and strategic partnership to foster and cultivate business success, whether through seed funding or other program funding. iBoss Ventures seeks to create effective, international scalable solutions for tech startups and new businesses in select spaces.

iBoss Ventures works with CEOs and senior management teams to drive growth and position companies for success in the dynamic media-tech ecosystem. The firm’s goal is to help optimize businesses and its core team into the best possible shape to capture the opportunities arising from the innovation and invention reshaping these industries today. Startups relocating from Silicon Valley to hotspots like Tampa Bay will feel right at home collaborating and connecting with iBoss Ventures’ team and business professionals.

Hugo D. Aviles is the President and CEO of iBoss Ventures, overseeing online operations and strategic deployment for the company. In addition to co-founding iBoss Advertising, Aviles serves as Chief Digital Officer at First Harvest Corp, a strategic technology holding company. Aviles is also the lead technology strategist at MIPR Holdings, a professional legal cannabis consulting company. Aviles, who proudly served in the United States Marine Corps, has excelled in world economics, social media innovation, and metrics driven Internet strategy.

Dana Blickensderfer is the COO and Managing Partner of iBoss Ventures, as well as the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at iBoss Advertising. As the Chief Operations Officer of the firm, Blickensderfer oversees the firm’s entire project management scope and internal affairs. With a background in mass communications, Blickensderfer’s expertise is in public relations and strategic internal operations, specializing in driving companies through metrics and data. Since 2010, Blickensderfer has used these skills to rapidly develop the structure of practice and individual employee roles at a Florida-based law firm, where she serves as the Director of Operations. In addition Blickensderfer also serves as a media strategist for MIPR Holdings, a cannabis consulting firm, which counsels professionals to secure overall business growth and success in the space.

Aviles and Blickensderfer built their new company around a strong belief in the power of real-world connections and networks. The duo minded this philosophy in selecting the experienced professionals who now serve as the management team for iBoss Ventures. Other than Aviles and Blickensderfer, the management team includes entrepreneurs and forward-thinking professionals, each an expert in his respective field. Between them, iBoss Ventures management team has over 100 years of experience. Their desire is a shared belief to help technology and business entrepreneurs take their business to the next level!

About iBoss Ventures
iBoss Ventures is a strategic holding and consulting firm with a focus on equipping entrepreneurs in the tech, media, gaming, information, and entertainment industries with proper management and tools for optimal venture success. Through digital media, private equity and venture capital consulting, founders Hugo D. Aviles and Dana Blickensderfer use their technology and business backgrounds to forge relationships with leaders and respected entrepreneurs; sharing a belief to help entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level! iBoss Ventures seeks to create effective, international scalable solutions for tech startups and new businesses in select spaces.

About iBoss Advertising
Founded by entrepreneurs, Hugo D. Aviles and Dana Blickensderfer, iBoss Advertising is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Tampa, FL. Devoted to building branding success, iBoss Advertising’s mission is to be the leading source for online branding of strategic solutions – i.b.o.s.s. Its team prides itself on innovation, creation and building visionary genius for its clients ranging worldwide, from London to New York and Latin America. iBoss’ passion for business, internet  marketing and entrepreneurship is evident in their rigorous work ethic,  passion and dedication to its clients and brand. For more information visit: http://www.ibossadv.com

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