iBoss Advertising Partners With eCommerce Platform Shopify

Tampa-based digital marketing agency forges an official partnership with one of the leading businesses in the eCommerce software industry.

iBoss Advertising, a full-service digital marketing agency, is now an exclusive partner of Shopify, a revolutionary eCommerce platform for selling products and services online, on social media, in store, or on the go.

As growing leaders in the digital media and Internet marketing space, the iBoss Advertising team sees its partnership with Shopify as an amazing opportunity to take its business practices and client services to the next level. Shopify’s mission is to make eCommerce better for everyone, and at iBoss Advertising, eCommerce plays a huge role in the success of client business initiatives. The partnership between the two is a natural fit.

"Shopify offers complete beginners the ability to create products, manage inventory, and create promotions, all without having to take a programming class. It truly is a game changer!"

Hugo D. Aviles, Co-Founder of iBoss Advertising

Shopify began in 2006 when its creators wanted to sell their own snowboarding products directly to other snowboard enthusiasts while simultaneously maintaining ownership of their brand and building relationships with their customers. The team ran with the concept, creating an eCommerce platform that is easy to use and helps businesses focus on what they do best: creating new products.

Shopify removes all the stress that is inherent to online retail stores by accounting for every back-end detail — from inventory to payment processing and order fulfillment. Using Shopify’s simple ecommerce platform, merchants can design, set up and manage their stores across various sales channels, including web, mobile, social media, brick-and-mortar stores and pop-up shops. Shopify’s popularity speaks for itself; it is trusted by companies as big as Tesla Motors, Budweiser, Red Bull, the LA Lakers and the New York Stock Exchange, with more companies making the switch everyday.

Due to the way purchasing works continually changing as modern societies and lifestyles evolve, Shopify alters its platform to provide shoppers with the most popular and efficient commerce experience with a hassle-free online retail option.

The company has grown from a team of five to a team of over 1,500 employees who support more than 300 active Shopify stores across the globe. As Shopify continues to grow, its employees remain grounded in the company’s roots and the idea that they can make eCommerce better for everyone.

From its humble roots to its international client base, dedicated work ethic and initiative to take risks, Shopify and iBoss Advertising have a great deal in common. Much like its most recent partner, iBoss Advertising began with a small team of entrepreneurs aspiring to use their skills to make business easier for clients in a wide range of industries. Now an emerging leader in the digital marketing industry, iBoss is growing and creating relationships with its community, hardworking client base, and like-minded businesses, such as Shopify.

As the partnership between iBoss and Shopify develops, iBoss co-owners Hugo D. Aviles and Dana Blickensderfer believe it will help the company tremendously in its mission to build clients’ brand and overall success. They have seen how easy-to-use and revolutionary Shopify is for businesses of all sizes and are excited to bring this new feature to their clients.

“For someone who has never sold online before, there are a lot of barriers to entry,” Hugo D. Aviles said. “Shopify offers complete beginners the ability to create products, manage inventory and create promotions, all without having to take a programming class. It truly is a game changer!”

eCommerce is an integral part of the future of the business, media marketing and strategic solutions spaces; by creating a partnership with Shopify, iBoss is solidifying their presence in the industry. The company hopes to continue creating partnerships that will increase their industry presence and help take their clients’ operations to the next level.

For more information about iBoss Advertising, their web development, marketing or optimization solutions, visit www.ibossadv.com or contact info@ibossadv.com

About iBoss Advertising
Founded by entrepreneurs Hugo D. Aviles and Dana Blickensderfer, iBoss Advertising is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Tampa, FL. Devoted to building branding success, iBoss Advertising’s mission is to be the leading source for online branding and strategic solutions – i.b.o.s.s. Its team prides itself on innovation, creation and building visionary genius for its clients ranging worldwide, from London to New York and Latin America. iBoss’ passion for business, internet marketing, and entrepreneurship is evident in their rigorous work ethic, passion, and dedication to its clients and brand. For more information visit: http://www.ibossadv.com

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