Infinity Abstract & Title Launches New Title Insurance App

Tampa-based title company launches app for quick customer access to title quotes, net sheets, estimates, and more.

​Infinity Abstract & Title, a Tampa-based, attorney-owned title company, recently added a new app to its list of customer services and resources. The app provides easy access to title quotes for realtors, buyers, and sellers, as well as, seller net sheets, buyer estimates, and more.

The easy-to-use app has features to benefit realtors, lenders, buyers, and sellers, and is suited for use on both desktops and mobile devices, enhancing customer experience for all. It is powered by Title Capture, whose apps and services are trusted by title insurance companies across the United States.

Through its new app, Infinity Abstract & Title offers its clients access to buyer’s estimates, seller’s net sheets, title quotes, loan estimate quotes, and ALTA statement, all in TRID-compliant language.

The app’s buyer’s estimate feature is a real estate calculator that allows realtors to enter property details, including the location, transaction type, loan type, and sale price to produce a monthly payment estimate, including closing costs, for homebuyers. The total monthly payment estimate is broken down into principal and interest, home insurance, property tax, and HOA dues.

With the seller’s net sheets feature, realtors can enter an unlimited number of seller’s expenses, creating an extremely accurate figure for net proceeds. The feature also produces a printable, PDF version, with spaces for the both agent and seller detailed information and signature lines.

The TRID-friendly loan estimate tool can be used daily by lenders who can input appropriate title costs and record transfer amounts. This tool also provides access to actual v. disclosed title insurance policy amounts, appropriate fee naming, LE sections B through H, adjustment sections, and many other helpful tools to help lenders avoid re-disclosure.

The app’s ALTA (American Land Title Association) settlement statement section can be used by anyone to enter information about the buyer, seller, and any side costs to produce a detailed estimate of the entire transaction. This tool is extremely useful for buyers, sellers, agents, lenders, or any outside party who wants to look at the bigger picture in a title transaction.

The release of the new app will help Infinity Abstract & Title fulfill their mission of serving clients across the state in a completely paperless and compliant way. Allowing clients to store information about a transaction and providing information about TRID and ALTA policies all in one mobile-friendly place, helps to keep all parties on track and informed.

With years of experience conducting closings across the state of Florida, the Infinity Abstract & Title team understands that the closing process can be overwhelming and unfamiliar. Even experienced realtors and lenders can run into complications with tracking and storing information. By launching the new app, the company hopes to help alleviate the stress and confusion that comes with closing a transaction. Whether they are used for a short sale, purchase, or 1031 exchange, the app’s many features will create a more personalized experience and provide peace-of-mind for all parties working to close with Infinity Abstract & Title.

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About Infinity Abstract & Title
Infinity Abstract & Title, provides title insurance and escrow services to clients throughout the state of Florida. As an attorney-owned title company, Infinity Abstract & Title is proud to offer in-house legal counsel for residential and commercial real estate customers. The company prides itself in being innovative, paperless, proactive, and result-oriented in responding to clients’ needs. For more information visit

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