Joe Lewkowicz Releases the Lewkowicz Gazette: The Definitive Guide to the North Tampa Real Estate Market

Joe Lewkowicz launches the first ever of its kind with the circulation of the Lewkowicz Gazette. This milestone marks the first digital and printed local gazette in the Tampa Bay Area.

The launch of the Lewkowicz Gazette is yet another brilliant idea that has been heating up the competitive Tampa real estate scene. Tampa, known for its sprawling waterfront properties and bustling suburbs, has been at the forefront of the real estate industry. What happens here is important because it serves as a case study for other cities around the nation- like an indicator of sorts. Keen to take advantage of the hot market, real estate agents strive to gain a significant edge on marketing properties. The Lewkowicz Gazette is the prime example of cutting edge technology that's being leveraged at the forefront of this high-stakes market.

The digital and print issue, which is expected to come out quarterly to North Tampa homes, will be the first ever of its kind in the Tampa real estate market. Readers will be able to view the digital copy via a hyperlink seen below…

"The Gazette is multi-purposeful; a part designed to inform clients or those seeking property in North Tampa about the lush and unique opportunities each neighborhood has to offer."

Joseph R. Lewkowicz, Realtor, Coldwell Banker

Those 'lucky to live in' neighborhoods within the mailing circulation will receive a free copy of the Gazette to peruse through as they please. The Gazette has an elegant design that is easy to read, informational and appealing to the eye. Never missing an opportunity to provide key information, the modern Gazette engages the readers with experience and quality real estate listings.

Inside the Gazette, readers will find a host of different subjects related to real estate, specifically the North Tampa area. The current edition spotlights the Carrollwood Village and Lake Magdalene neighborhoods, which are two of Tampa’s most desirable neighborhoods. The wealth of knowledge contained in the Gazette includes an expert recall on the neighborhood inventory, with a specificity in architectural style, infrastructure and socio-economic conditions.

A section of the Gazette is dedicated to highlighting the Lewkowicz listings. Reader’s can read about each of the listings and get more information on what truly makes the home so appealing. Current selling clients love how the Gazette goes above and beyond to market their property.

They say that the digital issue is the coolest thing they’ve ever seen! The Gazette is easily available to share via Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. The Gazette can even be sent via a hyperlink in an email for further sharing ability.

The Lewkowicz Gazette is issuing one of the first of its kind in real estate marketing. With the ability to share information so easily, the digital publication will transform the way that consumer’s view real estate listings. Who knows, perhaps the next house a homebuyer purchases will be first seen on the digital Gazette from someone’s Facebook feed!

Today, technology and real estate marketing go hand-in-hand. The Gazette, which is the perfect marriage of technology and real estate marketing, is truly the most exciting thing to hit the Tampa residential scene since aerial photography!

For more information on how you can get your listing on the Lewkowicz Gazette or how to be added to the circulation please contact media relations liaison, Dana Blickensderfer at

About Lewkowicz Real Estate Gazette

The Lewkowicz Real Estate Gazette is the definitive guide to everything in the North Tampa Real Estate space. Every issue features local editorials with attention to all that is North Tampa Real Estate. With an insider's eye afforded through an unparalleled list of high profile contributors, Lewkowicz Real Estate Gazette covers the best North Tampa Real Estate has to offer in the worlds of waterfront lake homes, golf course neighborhoods, equestrian properties, country clubs, and residential resales.  For more information, please contact 813-279-1206 or visit .


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