Joseph Lewkowicz Launches TV Channel: Joe Lewkowicz TV

Top Tampa Bay realtor Joe Lewkowicz now has his own real estate television channel, which is appropriately named Joe Lewkowicz TV.

​Joe Lewkowicz TV allows viewers to stay up to date with the latest news and market trends in the real estate industry. Joe Lewkowicz provides a glimpse into his home market, northwest Tampa Bay, and conveys all of the beauty that it has to offer homebuyers.

Northwest Tampa Bay is a lush, lavish market that has many exquisite homes from which buyers may choose. Joe, with his many years of experience in this exact region, serves as the ideal guide through the area, helping his clients find the home that suits their needs perfectly.

The channel also provides listings of luxurious properties throughout the rest of the Tampa area, showcasing the relaxed lifestyle and gorgeous scenery that are the norms for Bay residents. Furthermore, Joe Lewkowicz TV develops and displays in-depth profiles on neighborhoods throughout Tampa Bay, further establishing that the area has proven itself a prime location for buying and selling real estate.

Joseph Lewkowicz’s career in real estate has spanned over 40 years, giving him plenty of time to build his outstandingly impressive portfolio. Joe sells so efficiently that he statistically competes with other agents in areas such as California, New York, and Miami. His personal mantra “no one works harder to sell your home” is one that he certainly lives up to; over the course of his career, Joe has non-team personal sales of  over 3,000 homes – a remarkable number no matter how long an agent has been working in real estate!

Joe painstakingly works to ensure that buyers find exactly what they are looking for, and that sellers have their home purchased as quickly as possible. His knowledge of the area, the market, and contemporary trends all help him connect his clients with the home of their dreams.

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Joe Lewkowicz is the furthest thing from one’s average realtor; he is one of the most decorated and respected in the industry.  Out of the 46,500 Coldwell Banker agents in North America, Joe Lewkowicz ranks in the top 1% because of his stellar performance. His expertise as a realtor even earned him an invitation to the 2016 Coldwell Banker Celebration of Success event, which is a prestigious occasion that only top salesmen are invited to attend.

Joe Lewkowicz has been ranked as the top salesman in the northern Tampa Bay area for the past seven years. His reputation was built entirely from his individual performance; many agents use their team’s sales as their own, intentionally deceiving clients about how many sales they have closed themselves. Joe Lewkowicz, however, displays only his own sales numbers on his profile, and they still exceed those of teams of salesman.

Joe Lewkowicz TV is an exciting opportunity for homebuyers to access relevant, comprehensive information about homes in the Tampa Bay area. Joe Lewkowicz is the first and only realtor to launch an informative TV channel that caters to buyers and sellers in Tampa Bay, and there is no better agent than Joe to provide insight about the local real estate market. His undying work ethic has proven to be true: no one works harder to sell your home.

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About Joe Lewkowicz

With over 40+ years of experience, Joe has proven himself a prominent figure in the Tampa Bay Real Estate market. Selling thousands of homes throughout his career, Joe is known for his exceptional customer service, attention to detail, market-savviness and calculated decisions. Search for North Tampa FL homes for sale on the most up-to-date Real Estate MLS in Mid-Florida at:

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