MIPR Holdings Adds Cannabis Investment Division to Its Professional Services

MIPR's new consulting investment options will help guide investors through the growing cannabis industry.

​MIPR Holdings (MIPR), a consulting company specializing in the legal cannabis industry, has recently announced that it will add a consulting investment division to its growing list of client services. The addition is expected to help the company better serve investors seeking new opportunities in the cannabis industry.

The addition of the new investment division was made possible by MIPR’s partnership with Davos Capital, Incorporated, an investment facilitation company that focuses on commercial real estate and business ventures in growing markets. The arrangement will bring added experience and professional guidance to MIPR’s team, as they work to help connect small to mid-size companies to capital resources while strengthening their growth potential.

"We are moving closer, as a nation, to ending marijuana prohibition through federal legalization."

Khadijah Adams, Founder and CEO of MIPR

“We are moving closer, as a nation, to ending marijuana prohibition through federal legalization,” said Khadijah Adams, founder and CEO of MIPR. “Our mission is to educate communities with sound guidance, financial literacy and help prospective investors realize their benefits through early adoption strategies. The partnership with Davos Capital provides a critical component to help us achieve these goals rapidly,” she said.

Arman Walker, CEO of Davos Capital, Inc., has also accepted the role of CFO at MIPR. With decades of experience in the financial industry, Adams is confident that Walker will provide invaluable strategic guidance in helping investors identify growth-oriented companies.

Walker began his financial career after earning a B.A. in Economics, with honors, from the University of California, Berkeley. He has served as the President & Chief Lending Officer for OneUnited Bank and Vice President of First Bank and Trust in Beverly Hills, CA. Walker has also served on a number of financial boards and committees, and has received special recognition from the United States Congress, the California State Senate, and the County of Los Angeles for his service and leadership.

No stranger to a developing market, Walker is bringing his financial expertise and enthusiasm for the cannabis industry to MIPR and its clients. “Several times in my career I have been ahead of the curve, a trailblazer in finance. This is another opportunity to do again as has been done in energy, environmental, and sustainability initiatives. Just as renewables approach maturity, this industry too promises to overcome similar hurdles and progress rapidly.”

MIPR holds that early adoption guidance is key to success in investing in the cannabis industry, which is growing rapidly as the use of cannabis becomes more normalized each year. With the new investment division, clients will gain exposure to the best private placement opportunities throughout the cannabis industry. They will also have access to MIPR’s professional consulting packages, investment relation services, and other business development products, including: business plans, coaching and consulting, branding and development, workshops and conferences, and real estate services.

In a new, unpredictable industry, like the legal cannabis industry, investors and entrepreneurs often seek out guidance from honest, experienced professionals. MIPR, with over 20 years of experience and nearly 40 industry partners, is unmatched in legal cannabis industry experience and professional expertise. As a team, MIPR’s leadership boasts a strong knowledge of corporate governance, business development, strategic management, and investor education.

As they begin to integrate the investment consulting division into the company, MIPR continues to offer educational programs so that its clients can build a comprehensive understanding of how cannabis businesses function and the available investment options in the industry. These educational resources include private investment retreats, complete with cooking lessons and private tours, MIPR Blackboard, and MIPR Academy. The latter options are online programs designed for busy professionals and entrepreneurs wishing to learn more about and become involved in the legal cannabis industry.

The addition of its new investment consulting division and CFO Arman Walker, speaks to MIPR’s dedication to educating communities, growing operations, and ancillary businesses with sound guidance and financial literacy, as the legal cannabis industry continues to evolve and shed its negative social stigma. The company is excited to be able to add more knowledge and depth to its leadership, while putting its clients in an even stronger position for success and growth as they explore investment options in one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.

About MIPR Holdings, LLC.

MIPR Holding, LLC. (MIPR) is a professional consulting and investor relations company dedicated to providing small to mid-size companies in the cannabis industry with hard data, problem solving solutions and assistance with the implementation of business strategies. We facilitate business connections for clients seeking startup or expansion capital through various alternative investments or lending sources. www.miprholdings.com.

MIPR is not a licensed broker-dealer, market maker, investment advisor, or underwriter. All information provided is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell securities. Furthermore, investing in such securities involves substantial risk of loss and investors should seek advice from financial professionals before investing.

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