Realtor Joseph Lewkowicz Launches Listing Video Showcasing the Top Things to Consider When Getting Your Home Sold

Joe Lewkowicz with Coldwell Banker Realty, produces a listing video to those seeking to get their home sold in the North Tampa Bay Area.

​Joe Lewkowicz is an experienced real estate agent that has sold many of the homes in the Tampa Bay area. With 35 plus years experience, Joe started his career in real estate and purposely targeted the Northdale and Carrollwood neighborhoods because of their popularity and convenience. Today, Lewkowicz’s abundance of sales in the areas have afforded him with a unique knowledge of the marketplace. It seems that Lewkowicz is always involved in Northdale and Carrollwood home sales, whether it be as the listing agent or finding the buyer.

Joe Lewkowicz recently showcased the neighboring community with the ‘Joseph Lewkowicz Listing Video’. Joe's listing video answers common questions everyone that is looking to sell their home should know. In the video, Joe answers common questions that are asked by buyers such as pricing and valuation.  Joe talks about scenarios - for example, if your home has been on the market for an extended period of time or if it is very expensive, that may be okay, but if you are at a normal market value you need to seek help to realistically price it.

Be sure to choose the right agent to help you realistically price your home. Though there is an influx of agents, few actually focus in a particular area. Joe’s reputation and credibility speak for themselves in zipcodes like 33618 and sell houses there consistently. The listing presentation video provides real world problems and solutions that will aid and assist one to properly sell a home. An important issue many times is not getting sound advice from the right agent or following through and listening to proper counsel.

Priced to sell. A common mistake mentioned in this video is the common assumption that everyone will negotiate a lot on their home; the problem is that of all the houses sold in 33558 in the last year averaged  a negotiation of 3%.  That means a $300,000 house would be roughly $290,000. Inventories are extremely low; people have decided to not put their houses on the market and they are not building or moving as much. Houses are in very high demand, but buyers have been very picky about what they have been looking at.

Buyers are looking for homes that include the following considerations:

-       In top shape

-       Move in ready

-       Good value for the price

-       In good working condition

The right Tampa Bay real estate agent will tell you this information and properly consult your needs. The right agent can go look at your house and evaluate to see if you have the kind of property that is going to make the most money and get it sold in the quickest amount of time.

Joe Lewkowicz dives deep into such real estate matters and much more in this listing video! Joe has the experience to prove it. Just last year Lewkowicz sold 108 houses competing with other agents selling only around 12 houses. Joe has the experience to walk into your house and evaluate what can happen and what you need to expect!

Other topics discussed in Joseph Lewkowicz' listing video include: staying sold;  making sure the home stays sold; best months to sell your home; aggressive pricing; staging home for selling; make necessary home repairs; and much more!

For more information regarding Joseph Lewkowicz listing video and to scheduled your home evaluation, please contact media relations liaison, Dana Blickensderfer at

About Joe Lewkowicz
With over 35+ years of experience, Joe has proven himself to be a prominent figure in the Tampa Bay Real Estate market. Selling thousands of homes throughout his career, Joe is known for his exceptional customer service, attention to detail, market-savviness and calculated decisions.  Search for North Tampa FL homes for sale on the most up-to-date Real Estate MLS in Mid-Florida at: "No-One Works Harder To Sell Your Home!" For more information visit:

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