SneakGuard™ Makes Headlines in the Cannabist as a Safe, Revolutionary Cannabis Storage Solution

The Cannabist and NowThis commend SneakGuard™ for introducing a safe, secure storage method to the cannabis space.

 SneakGuard, a lockable, vacuum-sealing cannabis storage solution, has recently made headlines for being the first device of its kind to not only preserve the cannabis plant and edible products, but to also keep these products safely out of reach for the unintended user, such as children and pets. Featured by The Cannabist and NowThis, the product is now the hottest cannabis locking-container on the radar of millions of consumers.

The SneakGuard™ resistant storage unit looks much like a small safe, with a brushed metal exterior and a combination lock-style dial on the top. The product has a large button used to vacuum seal the contents inside, is refrigerator safe, and allows users to set and reset their own lock combinations. Capable of holding close to a pound of cannabis, SneakGuard™ is a revolutionary cannabis safety and storage product unlike any other.

"This unit will certainly keep medicine away from children and pets but would also keep out most fully-grown adults who aren't armed with a hammer."


“At the core, SneakGuard™ solves the problem of unintended ingestion by providing a versatile, safe responsible storage device with a cool unassuming functional design that extends the shelf life and freshness of cannabis,” Graeme Gordon—Inventor, CEO, and Founder of SneakGuard™ —explained. “It keeps children, even pets, from getting into things they shouldn’t. And it’s great for adult snoopers too.”

The storage system simultaneously tackles two problems that have plagued cannabis users for years: maintaining product freshness and keeping cannabis out of the hands of children. The demand for, and now satisfaction with, this double-duty product has led to digital news articles and social media features that have helped spread the word about the innovative SneakGuard™.

Ry Prichard, writer for The Cannabist, commended SneakGuard™ for being complex enough to deter children, and even some adults; the vacuum sealing feature; and the many divided storage departments that allow strains to be kept separate from one another. Prichard tested the product on his three-year-old daughter, who, though intrigued by the look of SneakGuard™, couldn’t manage to get inside.

“This unit will certainly keep medicine away from children and pets but would also keep out most fully-grown adults who aren’t armed with a hammer,” the columnist wrote. “It’s not a full-on safe, but with an MSRP of $120, the ability to be refrigerated, and the vacuum functionality, the SneakGuard™ may be more useful for cannabis users than a safe can ever be.”

NowThis, a social media news source, published a video highlighting SneakGuard™ to its Facebook feed earlier this month. The video explains that SneakGuard™ airtight jar was designed by a father concerned about how easy it is for children to open “childproof” pill bottles and other containers with harmful substances inside. NowThis recognizes SneakGuard™ innovative solutions that keep cannabis fresh, by removing air and blocking light, and safely locked away, thanks to a four-digit combination lock. Purchase of SneakGuard™ means access to 24/7 security code retrieval, further enhancing the value and sensibility of the product.

The viral video has more than 620,000 views and has been shared close to 5,000 times online. Facebook users have commented sharing their interest and approval of a product that both extends shelf life and keeps children and pets safe from unintended ingestion of marijuana and other medical products.

As legalization rates and approval for marijuana continues to increase in the United States, it is important to remember that safety, especially around small children, should be the number one priority. SneakGuard™ is now recognized a pioneer in providing marijuana users with peace of mind and security, with its new tried and tested vacuum tight storage system.

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About SneakGuard™

SneakGuard™ protects you and your loved ones by giving you control over who sees, smells, or touches your material. Made from stainless steel and high-density BPA free plastic, the container’s air tight seal locks odors in, while its sturdy resettable four-digit lock keeps unauthorized hands out. The revolutionary herbal storage system guards you and your loved ones from accidental discovery, access, and ingestion, while preserving the shelf life of the product inside. Visit for more information.

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