The Broeksmit Family Foundation, Inc. Donates Charitable Contributions From Artist Alla Broeksmit's Recent NYC Exhibition

Artist Alla Broeksmit donates a portion of the proceeds from her art exhibition to multiple charitable organizations through The Broeksmit Family Foundation, Inc. to honor the legacy of her late husband William Shaw Broeksmit.

​​Early this month Alla Broeksmit revealed her latest exhibition, Carnage, at the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture. Carnage was created to illicit a visceral insight into the viewer’s socio-cultural surroundings, while exposing Broeksmit’s own unique emotional experience of the world. Presented in a subdued and seductive style and using various techniques and materials, Carnage invented a new dialogue between the artist’s paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

Alla Broeksmit draws from a pool of references found in her own personal life, in poetry and art history.  Utilizing vast and complex mediums, between paint and plaster, the figure is revealed through the process. Ranging in scale from postcard drawings, intimate paintings, large canvases, and mixed-media sculptural works, Alla Broeksmit’s examines the contemporary condition. She experiments with spatial relationships and the formal aspects of depth and color.

After successfully displaying and selling her works from this latest exhibition, Broeksmit announced that a portion of the proceeds from Carnage and her future shows will be donated to The Broeksmit Family Foundation, Inc. to be dispersed to various charitable foundations of the Broeksmit family’s choosing.

The Broeksmit Family Foundation, Inc. is a private foundation based in New York and founded by the artist’s family. In 2003, William Shaw Broeksmit started the foundation with Alla Broeksmit overseeing its operations and many charitable donations. Alla Broeksmit plans to continue to honor his legacy, generosity and giving spirit with her art and aid to various organizations through the foundation’s charitable contributions. 

With a unique style and dedication to maintaining the culture of the arts, Alla Broeksmit also donates her time, expertise, and passion for the arts to several organizations around the world. In London, along with her involvement with the National Portrait Gallery and the Tate Museum, A. Broeksmit is one of the founding members of The Lots Road Group, an association of portrait painters. In New York, she is affiliated with the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art and the ArtTable.

Most recently, Alla Broeksmit’s work was shown at the occasion of the International Women’s Forum in the United Kingdom. Her work has been shown, and are held in private collections, in the UK and internationally.

Broeksmit intends to continue her mission of giving back through her art in the future. For more information regarding the artist contact or visit:

Alla Broeksmit creates colorful paintings that are concerned with portraying the figure in bold and rich colors. It’s ongoing exploration of different materials and mediums has - most recently - been revealed into sculptures and layered monotypes. These new pieces are breaking the space of the canvas while holding on to the intimacy of her painting practice.


Source: Alla Broeksmit


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