You My Ride? - a Dramedy Web-Series Pre-Screen Launching on YouTube

'You My Ride?' is offering 10,000 spots exclusively to its viewers for the pre-screen launch of its original series, premiering only on YouTube.

​​Ridesharing has boomed in recent years, leading it to become an integral part of many different lifestyles. Anyone with the capability to download an app is able to use a rideshare service as a quick, cheap, efficient form of transportation.

Premiering 2017, ‘You My Ride?’ is a dramedy web series that takes a look at the day-to-day life of aspiring Hollywood rapper Kervens “Acafool” Joseph (Kervens) and his career as a Los Angeles driver.

As a rideshare driver, one will encounter an immense volume of different people as he or she transports passengers from one location to another; this results in plenty of unique experiences, some hilarious, some heartwarming, and some unexpectedly strange.

‘You My Ride?’ follows the life of Kervens Joseph, who decides to sign up for a rideshare app in order to supplement his income. That day serves to be a pivotal moment in his life, as it marks the beginning of his wild, unpredictable journey as a rideshare driver.

The premise is simple: Kervens owes his friend Jarrod money and needs a quick way to pay him back. He signs up for a rideshare app in order to make some extra cash, a process that takes only a few minutes. Unbeknownst to Kervens, he just entered an entirely different world where his life will become drastically more interesting.

Kervens is forced to quickly adjust to the hilariously whimsical lifestyle of a rideshare driver; he learns to always expect the unexpected and to remember that looks can be, and almost always are, deceiving.

The web series, which features Ayinde Howell and a handful of talented guest stars alongside Kervens Joseph, is set to launch in January of 2017. However, ‘You My Ride?’ is providing an exclusive pre-screen launch to 10,000 viewers with the opportunity to watch three exclusive shows in the new series; a privilege that cannot be found anywhere else!

The series focuses on stories that were inspired by actual events. The situation always takes an unexpected turn for Kervens while he drives his passengers, and no ride ever proves to be entirely normal.

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As he continues to work, Kervens quickly learns that there is much more to being a rideshare driver than simply picking up and dropping off passengers. The passengers he encounters are brimming with personality, which occasionally translates into attitude. Kervens must accommodate each of his clients as best he can in order to maintain a driver rating sufficient to stay employed.

Kervens experiences his share of memorable moments as a driver; from an aggressively hotheaded passenger who requests to be driven only around the block, to a pair of males who decide to get steamy in the backseat, there is never a dull moment behind the four doors of Kervens’ vehicle.

Ridesharing has proven to be a potentially lucrative occupation, especially in major cities like Los Angeles. Kervens, however, is only just starting out and has not yet seen all the perks that the industry has to offer. Much to Kervens’ dismay, his friend Jerrod is living lavishly as a rideshare driver, frequently receiving large tips for his service and having his car packed full of energetic young women.

‘You My Ride?’ is unique in the fact that no other series offers insight into the life of a rideshare driver as it does. The close-up camera angles of Kervens and his passengers provide the viewer a perspective that is similar to if they were actually in the car themselves.

The series, which will officially premiere in January 2017, is sure to be a hit among viewers with its innovative portrayal of a concept that is familiar to many people in today’s society.

Starring: Kervens Joseph and Ayinde Howell
Production: Savage Hope Productions
Director: Jeff Osborne
Written: Angelo Perrino, Jeff Osborne
Genre: Dramedy


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About 'You My Ride'

‘You My Ride’ Channel, in partnership with Savage Hope Productions and Reagent Productions was created and inspired by true events and real passengers to create engagement and conversation.

Source: Savage Hope Productions


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