You My Ride? - Original Web Series Launches on YouTube January 2017

'You My Ride?', a web series about the life of a rideshare driver in Los Angeles, has officially premiered on YouTube.

​‘You My Ride?’ has used YouTube as a platform to launch the first of its content. The web series, which follows the life of a man named Kervens and his misadventures as a rideshare driver, was created by real-life Kervens Joseph, who is better known by his stage name “Acafool. “

Acafool has spent many years as an established artist in the music industry. He has put out numerous hit songs such as “HATABLOCKAS” and “SHE’S BAD,” and has also worked with high-profile recording artists like Plies, Ace Hood, and DJ Khaled. The series subtly alludes to Acafool’s career as a musician, where Kervens is an aspiring rapper in Los Angeles who signs up to be a rideshare driver as a form of supplementary income.

Savage Hope Productions handled production of the series, and the team behind it all has painstakingly worked to ensure the viewer will be satisfied with the end result. Acafool himself has stated that he always takes the time to make sure he and his team can laugh about the show’s content to ensure the viewers too will be entertained.

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The web series offers unique hilariousness that many viewers can relate to, as rideshare service use has boomed in recent years. Kervens consistently finds himself at the mercy of Los Angeles’s unpredictability; no two rides are ever the same, and there is always something memorable about each passenger.

The passengers that climb into Kervens’ four-door sedan come in all different personalities; some are quiet and reserved, while others are flamboyantly affectionate to both their fellow passengers and Kervens himself. The whimsical unpredictability of Kervens’ lifestyle as a rideshare driver constantly leaves the viewer unsure of what to expect next.

‘You My Ride?’ begins with Kervens taking up driving for a rideshare service as both a method of financial support and to repay a debt owed to his friend Jerrod. Jerrod, who is played by Ayinde Howell, is the individual who convinces Kervens to begin his career as a rideshare driver in the first place; unbeknownst to Kervens at the time, he is about to embark on a life-changing journey.

The dramedy web series is inspired by true events that occurred while Acafool was working as a rideshare driver. Acafool himself has described the series’ episodes as real events that have happened in his car, only this time he has actors to portray them. Acafool’s unique stories make for extraordinary content when brought to life.  

The humor throughout the web series stems from the casts’ enjoyment in participating in its production; behind-the-scenes footage conveys that the actors and actresses of ‘You My Ride?’ were continuously laughing and enjoying themselves during filming.

Acafool has been fortunate enough to find a team that is just as passionate about working on the series as he is. Acafool, along with friends Jeff Osborne and Angelo Perrino, have created ‘You My Ride?’ from the ground up, driven by the desire to share Acafool’s stories with their viewers.  

One of the most unique aspects of ‘You My Ride?’ is how easy it is for viewers to relate to; if a viewer has ever ridden in the car of a rideshare driver, they immediately understand what the series is about. If someone has actually been a rideshare driver, they can resonate with the series even more.

Unique, unforgettable entertainment is what Acafool and his team strives for. ‘You My Ride?’ provides viewers with insight into the humorous, uncomfortable, and strange occurrences that rideshare drivers may experience.

Starring: Kervens Joseph and Ayinde Howell
Production: Savage Hope Productions
Director: Jeff Osborne
Written: Angelo Perrino, Jeff Osborne
Genre: Dramedy


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About 'You My Ride'
‘You My Ride’ Channel, in partnership with Reagent Productions and Savage Hope Productions LLC, were created and inspired by true events and real passengers to create engagement and conversation. 

‘You My Ride?’ is based off real-life stories and instances documented over time and now launches in a hilarious web-show series. For more information on the new web ‘You My Ride’ series, premiering only on YouTube, visit [URL]. No shameless plugs, we'll earn your likes and subscriptions. #YouMyRide   

Source: Savage Hope Productions


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